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Erik Pettersen is a former nuclear submarine officer, chemical industry executive and management consultant. As a first generation American, he inherited from his parents a lifelong fascination with the many nuances of the English language. His family and friends will readily attest that he is an incorrigible punster. Erik took up writing as an avocation in 2001. He and his wife Linda have two married children and four grandchildren. They live in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Erik is the author of three books, two of them biographical. His latest work, Leap of Faith, released in September 2012, is described briefly below.


On April 9, 1940, the very day that the Nazis invaded Norway, a young Swedish nurse received a life-changing letter. It contained an improbable wedding proposal from the man she loved -- a Norwegian living more than three thousand miles away across the Atlantic in the United States. Leap of Faith is their enduring love story, describing Ingrid Sillén’s daring war-time crossing through heavily mined waters and the life she found in what became her adopted country.

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Semper Fi: The Psalms of Robert Alexander is a moving devotional biography containing the inspired meditations of a former marine dealing with prostate cancer.

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Limericks for Polite Company is a richly illustrated collection of ninety-four original limericks, all composed by the author, drawing on a treasure trove of puns, fractured idioms and observations of every day life.

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